Become a partner today and you too can have your own English school online!

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Become a partner today and you too can have your own English school online! Empty Become a partner today and you too can have your own English school online!

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TITLE: Become a partner today and you too can have your own English school online!

Did you realize that English is a truly universal language? Because of this, there are constantly people who are in search of learning the language or even working to sharpen the English language skills that they already possess. It goes without saying that the need to learn this universal language is going to grow exponentially over time. With so many people looking to learn valuable English language skills, it is easy to see why there needs to be proper learning outlets in place in order to meet the demand.

Widely accepted as a global, versatile language, English is seen by many as a means for success. Certainly, when you deal with overseas markets, various countries or even a widely ethnic client base, knowing a variety of languages will be a key. However, the languages all seem to come back to English no matter what area of business or international market you are involved in. This is why so many people are realizing that in order to get ahead in all of their endeavors then they must learn a great deal of English language skill.

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Why English-By-Phone?

Online lessons vs. Classroom Learning
Large financial centers, or vast metropolis areas, are genuinely over-crowded with extremely busy people who hunger to become fluent in English, yet they do not have the time that is required to sit and learn in a conventional classroom setting.

Time To Break The Language Barrier
It can often be very intimidating to help work on a new language when you are face to face with your teacher. After all, this is a new language that you are really hoping to learn and you want to be sure that you can do so without feeling anxious. Many people find that it is a whole lot easier to remain calm and comfortable with learning English if they are learning online or one on one but over the phone. Working with an English teacher online or over the phone can help to promote faster, more focused learning simply because of the restrictions involved. Concentrating on oral skills this way can help to get the student on a fast track to fluent English.

Shorter Lessons and Flexibility
With English-By-Phone, students are able to benefit greatly from the advantages of shorter lessons. It goes without saying that any student will often be much more receptive to shorter lessons that are about 20 to 30 minutes in length instead of longer lessons that can last up to 2 plus hours in a conventional classroom. Frequent smaller lessons and the flexible schedule will allow for optimal learning and the end result of successful retention of the English language.

The Cost & Convenience Factor
Anyone can tell you that private lessons to become fluent in English can not only be quite expensive, but they can also be difficult to schedule in a manner that works for both student and teacher. Even if you may be able to find an English-speaking individual in your city to work with, the chances that he or she is qualified to teach effectively can be slim to none. With English-By-Phone, students have a link to qualified teachers that can help them achieve their goals

Skip the Hassles and Get Down To Learning.
Taking the time to find a proper teacher to obtain valuable lessons can take a lot of time as well as trial and error. Additionally, any student can become frustrated if they have to work to organize lessons with a teacher in person. Unfortunately, it is all too often that the student will have to sever ties with the teacher mid-way through the attempt at learning simply because there is a lack of connection. Because time is valuable, English-By-Phone helps to streamline the process of finding the right teacher and help to get students on their way to learning fluent English on a schedule that works for them.

There Are Other ESL Online Schools, What Sets English-By-Phone Apart From The Rest?
English-By-Phone has worked hard to built what can be considered the most highly advanced and powerful software out there today in this particular field. The software is made to allow our valued partners to trade online lessons almost effortlessly, such as one would if they were selling an e-book or another type of product online.

As a partner, all that you really have to do is copy the html codes that we provide you with our program and then you simply install them on your website. We take away a good portion of the work for you to help keep the ball rolling as well. Once a lead registers for a free evaluation, he or she will be entered into the program and subsequently contacted by our evaluator at the specified time!

We know that the secret to the success of any online business is to be able to give something to your prospect before he or she officially becomes your customer.

Because we offer a free evaluation, the potential customer is able to get a certain level of service in advance.

What is the main advantage that we happen to have over all of our competitors? The answer is quite simple. With the incredibly advanced software that we have, we actually have the capacity to complete hundreds of evaluations each and every day. An army of professional, courteous evaluators are on hand and ready to call each potential student who registers at the time that they specify on the form that they fill out on your web page.

During the evaluation process that is conducted in English, the evaluator will begin asking the potential a series of questions on what he or she expects from their online lessons. Additionally, the evaluator will obtain information on how many lessons he or she would like to have as well as any particulars on the teacher that they would like to work with such as a certain gender, nationality or even similar interests.

After every evaluation, the potential student receives a follow up email that includes a resume of the teacher who has been selected as a match. This same email holds other important information such as the exact times and dates of each lesson. Because we believe that personalized service is key to the success of any online business, as an added touch the evaluator will also make certain that the student feels as though they are getting a tailored experience in the form of personalized text that relates to the individual student exclusively.

Each and every one of our partners have access to the evaluation board so that they are able to monitor the progress of all of the leads that are generating from their website. A statistic board viewable in the partner’s account is filled with all of the important information for tracking such as a clear view of the expenses along with the income and profits every step of the way.

It is extremely important that we stress that we are not selling franchise opportunities! Our core business plan is nothing like a traditional franchise relationship that often entails hefty entrance fees and the obligation of a certain level of turnovers. Because of the grand scale that an online business covers, our partners are not limited to leads solely in their immediate area. Our partner will have coverage of the entire country they are assigned to, which is why we can only take on one partner per country. Taking cash down for entrance fees has never been something that we are interested in. With English-By-Phone, we are looking for one solid partner that is suitable to cover the country they are assigned to.

Unlike any other opportunity or affiliate network out there today, our business plan involves responsibilities on a much higher level. With more involvement on your part, it is imperative that as a partner you have a registered company complete with an office and the ability to offer customer support to leads during solid business hours.

For a much better understanding of what is involved, here is a breakdown of how the responsibilities are split up:

Learn more about English-By-Phone and becoming a partner at
Contact us:

Our Responsibilities
- We provide, manage (quality control) and pay the teacher as well as the evaluator.
- We provide a highly qualified of over 60 native English teachers from USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Their availabilities differ so that are able to offer coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to better satisfy the needs of all of your students.
- We provide the software to organize group lessons with up to 10 students online in the same virtual classroom.
- We perform the free evaluation, and subsequently send the schedule
- We manage the international calls
- We also provide the software to manage the company. This software will allow you to have only 1 administrator per 500 students.
- Maintenance of the software and adaptation to your local requirements

The Ideal Candidate/Entrepreneur
- Should reside in the country of his/her nationality (not an expat)
- Experiences in running a business in his/her own country
Familiar with the taxes and legalities in his/her country
- Owns or rents commercial space in the center of a big city (preferably more than 1 million people)
- Has some experience with online business and online publicity
- Has a good level of English!

Your Obligations and Tasks
- Translations (one-time setup).
- Company’s registration (one-time setup) and
- Company’s maintenance (accounting)
- Hire an administrator (secretary).
- Online Publicity
- Customer support (upon demand when necessary)

If you are wondering what is in it for you as a potential candidate, the possibilities are endless! You are able to have your own affiliates, which can help you earn limitless income well into the future.

Learn more about English-By-Phone and becoming a partner at
Contact us:

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