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Hello Hello,

29/1/2010 B002 : 11H15
26/1/2010 B002 : 11H15 Like a Star @ heaven read the notes Like a Star @ heaven

Everyone is welcome.


o School Journal Updates
o IT: Voice : Independents STUDENTS voice. online blog!
o Further information on Smokers problem *
o Valentine’s Disco !
o Bottle Cap/ Bouchons Project (Help Raise money for handicaps)
o Green Issue : How to make the School Greener!

o Grade conversion for Spain (Spanish Section)

After informing you, of our advance, projects and work, we will be listening to your ideas, gettings feedback and answering questions.

You will be justified in case you are late or absent from class!

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Class Rep Meetings info :: Comments


Post on Thu Jan 28, 2010 1:12 pm by Christos

Pupils committee – Class rep meeting 26.01.2010
Notes by our secretary,

School journal

* Free
* Issues of interest to students and teachers
* News of world happenings and events in school
* Marisa is editor (Not here = Not whole information)


* Canteen committee meeting coming up soon; problems?
o Nope xD


* Online blog
* Able to criticize school
* Open to students and anyone willing to contribute
* Send e-mail to voice, they censor it and then post it on blog
* Independent students voice

Smokers issue

* Admin said it not important enough for the to deal with
* Will bring it up at next conseil d’eduaction
* Smokers will have own area (+Shelter)
* Non-smokers will not have to walk through fumes when entering or exiting school

Bottle caps

* All students help
* Started by 5th year primary French class
* Raises money for guide dogs for handicapped people
* Container of some sort will be put in D Block

Haiti Cake sales

* Cake sales to raises money to help towards earthquake damage in Haiti
* So far only 2 English classes taking part
* Anyone can arrange a cake sale with the Pupils’ Committee

Spanish Mark Conversion

* Marks put down by 1 mark (6 = 5; 10 = 9, etc)
* Michael will send e-mails to class reps about this
* Many Spanish go to Spain for university, so it’s a big problem.


o Tickets on sale there
o Can give updates and send info through Pupils’ Committee website
* 5th and 6th years interested?
* For anyone 16+
* On boat in Amsterdam (First Europarty to be held on a boat)
* Bouncers on side of boat so no-one goes overboard
* Going there on National Marijuana day! 0.0
* Price depends on how many people go
* Give info sheets to prof principales and they read/give them to class
* Tickets should be on sale by Monday 1st February (Need to hear from transport)
* Debating if we should get 2 busses (47 + 67 = 114 people) or train (Not heard back from train yet)
* Europarty place have to have names and numbers by 10th February
* Trying to find most buget friendly price. May change +/- 5-10 Euros
* Ticket prices on Forum
* Non-Euroschool tickets 22 Euros or 42 Euros, tickets on sale at the end of next week
* We’re not organisers, we just sell tickets and provide transport. Any questions, ask people arranging it
* Rooms on boat itself
* With bus = 6/7 hours to europarty
* Leave for Europarty what time? 7am?...
* Bus ride there and back = NO DRUGS

6th & 7th year room

* Furniture needs replacing
* New boards for graffiti
* Table football?
* More sofas!

Greener school (More environmentally friendly)

* Stop absence slips! xD
* Too many letters we don’t need (Send e-mails?)

We were asked to mention:

* Gambling games in school are forbidden, or any games including money.
* Keep B002 clean or it’ll be closed by school

Complaints/Suggestions by Reps:

* T Block too hot!
* T Block stinks!
* School in general too cold?!

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Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:18 pm by mich56a

* Marks put down by 1 mark (6 = 5; 10 = 9, etc)
* Michael will send e-mails to class reps about this
* Many Spanish go to Spain for university, so it’s a big problems.

Firstly I don´t have the list of the class reps, and what am I meant to send to them. I have nothing to do with grade conversion.

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